About Sheryl

Well, hello there!

1897905_10152350816307448_1210982704_nHi!!  My name is Sheryl, and I am SO glad you found my site!

About 4 months ago, I began hearing about essential oils from my good friend, Anissa Gadsden, about essential oils. It seems that everyone on facebook was talking about it. I thought we had gone back a few decades into the hippy dippy years. I was very skeptical.

Anissa gave me a bottle of essential oil to try. It was lemon. I really liked it in my water and to just take the bottle, unscrew the top and sniff it. Well, I wanted to be able to diffuse it—but I didn’t have a diffuser. So I went to Anissa again and asked her about the diffuser. Well, they are expensive. But, she showed me how I could get 11 essential oils and a diffuser for $150—plus more.

Start Kit

After purchasing the starter kit I began slowly. I used peppermint a lot in my diffuser. Now, I’m using so many essential oils it’s amazing.

Right now my daughter has chronic bronchitis and we are using thieves, RC, and lemon in the diffuser in her room. Each morning she wakes up feeling better and better.

I heard that frankincense will help in making my complexion event out.  I’ve been sticking a drop or two in some lotion and I got the sweetest compliment from my hubs.  He said my complexion was really looking good.  He didn’t even know I was using essential oils on my face.

I, hesitantly, tried the 2 NingXia Red samples. All I can say is yummy. Now, I’m on my third bottle and take it every day. Just 2 oz. will do for the entire day. I’m a diabetic and it helps keep my blood sugars pretty even. It also gives me that little extra energy I need in the morning.



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