Oils from the Bible

I have been reading about the Oils of the Bible.  I read something tonight that really opened my eyes to God’s mighty work in nature.  The following is a quote from “Healing Oils of the Bible.”

 “It takes a life process to produce a living substance.  Only God can do that.  Chemistry is not all there is to the components of an essential oil.  There is also electromagnetic frequency or life force.  If frequency is measured, you find that synthetically produced substances are motionless and inert.  Zero frequency.  At the same time, a naturally grown component in an intact oil gently coaxed from the plant with all of its companion components is vibrant and full of vigor, eager to heal and administer therapy.  In fact, there is intelligence in essential oils that have been properly grown and extracted without adulteration.  Oils produced by living processes are living.  Oils produced by mechanical man-made processes are lifeless.”1

Isn’t that wonderful.  God made the oils that I use, the oils I hope you use in order to assist in life…in our lives.  God uses oils to heal the things we have caused in our body wrong choices and by the fact that we live in a fallen world.

Knowing this just helps me see that being a part of Young Living Essential Oils is because God wants what is best for me.  This is just too much.

1 “Healing Oils of the Bible,” David Stewart.  Page 188.

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