Lemon Debocle

lemonWell, this morning I grabbed my stainless steel bottle out of the dishwasher and filled it with ice and water.  I’m trying to drink more water these days.  I took it to my bedroom and opened my armoire and the fragrances of Young Living Essential Oils floated in the air.  It’s such a wonderful smell.

I got my Lemon Essential Oil and put a few drops in it, closed up the top and shook it a little.  I was ready to go to work.  As I was driving down the road to work I realized I left the water in my bedroom.  And, today I don’t have any oils in my purse.  So, I will have to wait until tonight to  get my water with lemon.

There are so many benefits to Young Living Lemon Essential Oil.  Did you know that it consists of 68% of d-limonene and it may support a healthy circulatory system?  I know I need that.  Well, just thought I would let you know that I’m kicking myself because I can’t have my lemon today at work.


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