Citrus Fresh Blend

Citrus FreshCitrus Fresh is a combination of orange, tangerine, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon and spearmint!

This blend that comes as a bonus oil in the kit may help enhance feelings of well-being! Many of the oils in this blend have strong antiseptic properties, so it’s wonderful for cleaning and killing airborne bacteria when diffused.

So how do you use it?
1) Apply topically to the wrists and behind the ears to wear as a perfume or cologne.
2) Dilute and massage the lymph to stimulate lymphatic flow and boost the immune system.
3) Diffuse in the afternoon for an energy boost.
4) Add a few drops to 1 cup of epsom salts for a refreshing bath.

*Safety Precaution: As will all of the citrus oils, Citrus Fresh may cause photosensitivity. So be sure to avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours after applying topically.


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