Melaleuca Alternifolia

Melaleuca AlternifoliaMelaleuca Alternifolia is a new addition to the Premium Starter Kit, and it’s a great one! Mel. A. (a.k.a. tea tree) has a huge variety of uses. Melaleuca is very well known for its antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Mel. A. may also help support the body’s natural defenses by boosting the immune system!

So how do you use it? 
1) Diffuse to purify the air in your home. 
2) Dilute in a carrier oil and apply topically to the vita-flex points on the feet to boost immunity. 
3) Dilute in a carrier oil and apply topically to an area where yeast is present (e.g. athlete’s foot). 
4) Add to baking soda and water made into a paste to make an abrasive scrub for tubs and sinks. 
5) Dilute and apply topically to cuts, scrapes and bug bites to prevent infection. 
6) Apply to cold sores (herpes simplex 1) neat. 
7) Use as a spot treatment for acne breakouts.

As you can see, Melaleuca Alternifolia has a wide variety of uses, and I’ve listed only a few of the many, which is why this is a fantastic oil to have in your arsenal for everyday use!

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