Welcome to Joy! This blend is a really uplifting, exotic and stimulating blend of 10 different oils!

  1. Bergamot: soothing to the endocrine system and to the hormones. Helps calm and uplift emotions, while relieving anxiety, stress and tension.
  2. Ylang Ylang: helps balance male and female energies. Brings feelings of self-love, confidence, joy and peace.
  3. Geranium: helps with hormonal balance, and helps ease nervous tension and stress.
  4. Rosewood: creates feelings of peace and gentleness.
  5. Lemon: promotes health, healing, physical energy and purification. Its fragrance is invigorating, enhancing and warming.
  6. Mandarin: refreshing, uplifting, and revitalizing. Because of its sedative and slightly hypnotic properties, it is very good for stress and irritability.
  7. Jasmine: very uplifting to the emotions, helps produce feelings of confidence, energy, euphoria and optimism.
  8. Roman Chamomile: helps reduce irritability and minimize nervousness.
  9. Palmarosa: stimulates cell growth, regulates oil production, moisturizes and speeds skin healing.
  10. Rose: possesses the highest frequency of ANY oil! It may help enhance the frequency of every cell, which helps bring balance and harmony to the body.

Wow! That’s a whole lot of oils! This is another blend that is very special because it contains Rose oil! Rose oil by itself is really pricey, so this is a great way to get some rose oil without having to buy it individually.

I think that Joy is one that people either really love or don’t love so much at first. I happen to love it! But if you find that you don’t (and this goes for any oil), I urge you not to give up on it! Sometimes it just takes a few applications to get used to it. Another tip is to combine it with another oil, such as a citrus oil to lighten the scent. There are many who believe that the more a scent repels you, the more you need it!

So How Do You Use It?

  • Diffuse it! – This is the simplest way to get some joy in your life. Joy is usually the first thing that some people diffuse in their homes every morning! Why? Because there are days when we just don’t wake up with a whole lot of Joy.
  • Topically– I apply a drop of joy over my heart every day. It’s just part of my everyday oil routine! You can also dilute it in a carrier and use it as a massage oil. To decrease tension and anxiety, apply it to the wrists, neck or feet!
  • Bath– boost your mood by adding a few drops of joy in a cup of Epsom salts and pour it into your bath!

Leave a comment and let me know which is your favorite oil so far.


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