PanAway Blend


Today we’re looking at PanAway! Makes me think of Pain-Away.  And guess what!  It is a wonderful pain-relieving blend from Young Living. I use this when my knees begin to hurt–or my back–or my neck–or my head.  Well, I use it.

This blend contains 4 individual oils:

1) Wintergreen– contains 99% methyl salicylate, which gives it cortisone-like properties.

2) Helichrysum – powerful anti-inflammatory.

3) Clove – anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, disinfectant, immune-stimulant and topical anesthetic.

4) Peppermint – anti-inflammatory, soothing and cooling.

PanAway is my go-to for all of my aches and pains!  People love this blend for everything from arthritis and tendinitis to sprains and muscle soreness.

So How Can You Use It?

1) Diffuse it– To me, this is the best way.  I love to diffuse this blend for my migraine headaches.  It helps reduce tension, yet is uplifting and refreshing!

2) Topically– This blend has been amazing for my sciatica! Just dilute a few drops in a carrier and rub on the affected area. You can use the same method of application for shin splints, any kind of chronic pain, arthritis, muscle spasms, etc. For headaches, you can also apply directly to the temples or back of the neck.

3) Menstrual Cramps – To use, simply dilute a few drops in a carrier oil and massage into the lower abdomen.

This is a great blend to keep with you in your purse or pocket! You never know when you might need it! If you’re ready to get started with essential oils, you can go to HERE to see how to get your Premium Starter Kit!


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